Our latest works

We have strengthened our international partnership with creating a multilingual Drupal-based website for Lufthansa Systems which provides mainly aircraft software for Lufthansa.

We have created a Drupal 8 based introductory website for a company in Budapest that presents and sales a hungaricum - called Palinka. The website has several custom solutions.

Informational website and blog that presents the work and services of Gabriella Kis Psychologist in Budapest. We renewed her old page, first based on Drupal 7 and then on Drupal 8. Since then we have been maintaining the website.

We created a responsive, Drupal based website for a private pre-school located in Kecskemét. The front page is a one-page style to show many more contents for visitors whithout any clicking on it.

It was not the first and nor the last time that we created a Drupal based website for the aviation industry. It presents the zeroG Team in Frankfurt, Germany, who offers digitalization benefits for airlines.

This multilingual website presents Lillafüred and its attractions and fun opportunities. We created the site based on Drupal and we are maintaining it.

Ilcsi - Natural Cosmetics since 1958 - UK.
Ilcsi beautifying herbs and cosmetics penetration in United Kingdom with this website. It was created by a third party, then we created a new responsive (mobile-friendly) look.

A Drupal-based community website with special interest. The site was created by a third party and is being maintained by us.

A news portal about national, economic, scientific, cultural, architectural, sports, lifestyle and travel which was developed by a third party, and is maintained by us.

A Drupal-based website about sport developed by a third party, and maintained by us.