Our latest works

An informational website of Velezda Park which helps to maintain the living community and facilitates the information flow.

An informational website of Erkel House which helps to maintain the living community and facilitates the information flow.

A great website of an event what is held in Nagykanizsa every year. It helps the fun lovers and interested parties to get information about the event.

This website presents poker rooms of more cities and the possiblities of them.
In this way Drupal system can be used playfully but with a great responsiblity.

We created a Drupal based, feature-rich website, in cooperation with Macroweb team. Our task was to create a website from graphics and implement features.

What is wiser than an accountant company who is sharing useful and interesting fresh news on the internet using a Drupal, what is a fantastic content management system? Naturally, bookkeeping is always in the first place but the page proves that one can really find the balance using technology.

What can prove better the renewal of ÉPÍTŐ'82 KFt than this clear Drupal based website?

Who can afford today not to have a clear website which is rich in important information? The MME Kft. also realises the importance of this and brilliantly uses the possiblities of internet with its Drupal-based website.

This cheerful and rich-in-useful-information page was created for Gyorsinfo Kft. This website uses Drupal content management system, which perfectly maintains the balance between apperance and content.

Computer, internet, and a mouse with a hand that is clicking on it, next to a steaming espresso. In the comfort of our home, we can find the latest event calendar, the latest works, and public interested events of the best Hungarian art on this website. It is a cultural essence. Of course it is based on Drupal.