Our latest works

Introductory website of the Beauty Salon - Cosmetic Studio with its services and current possiblities. The site is based on Drupal.

This interactive and up-to-date site presents the everyday life of BÁCSVÍZ atlhletes - Kecskeméti Vízmű Sport Club and helps them in communication. The content management system called Drupal provides a lot of help in this.

We provided indirectly a subpage for the sponsor of the SZIGET 2009 festival. The site presents the fun of festival visitors with photos and videos. Our task was to create a website from graphics and implement features.

Our services:

We have fulfilled the demand for the huge online music knowledge base in Hungary with this site. The encyclopedia, which already has a large amount of content, can be expanded by anybody and the quality is ensured by strict proofing. For this size, we have chosen Drupal to cope with the systematisation of the website.

Building our international relations, co-operating with Intex Media we have created the debut site of a famous Slovak company what deals with holograms.

Our services:

It is a collection website of important apartments, guest houses and hotels near Lake Balaton. The site has been rated to "recommended" by the community of drupal.hu. Our task was to implement features.

This website was the first Hungarian musical portal which deals not only with musicals. We have created the page in co-operation with Macroweb's professional Drupal expertise.
It provides fresh and up-to-date information (news and reports from the world of musicals) about future and present premieres, events of musicals. Our task was to implement features and maintain the website.

Communal and informational website of Riverside apartment, which helps in communication between the owners and provide necessary information for everyday life. The drupal content management system with a lot of custom solutions serves the individual needs of thr residents.

This site deals with the relation of the world, environment and the sustainable evolution, as well as the harmony of environment and human life. In short, it is the Hungarian portal of environmental awareness and the viable life.