Business website creation and maintenance

There are plenty of beautiful, well-functioning sites on the web, sometimes with fully customized solutions, but most of them unfortunately do not necessary serve the purpose they were created for.
A wonderful website is worthless if the prospective inquirer does not find it.

We can help you!

We will not only create a nice and useful website for you, but also we make a big effort to make search engines find it more efficiently.

  • If you already have a website, ask for our free advice, because everybody wants to know what the quality of the current system is and how it adjusts to costs.
  • If you do not have a website yet, you will see that you will be perfectly satisfied with our services!

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Business web application development and maintenance

Applications that do not need to be installed, because they are available directly from the web.

Using these applications you need only internet connection and a browser which is part of all advanced operating systems. It has several advantages. The difficulties with traditional applications can be completely eliminated and a lot of other useful features become available. The service runs on one or more servers with professional conditions. This means that the continuous operation and the security of the Client's data are guaranteed, and the system maintenance and development is not noticable by users. The resources needed for the operation of these applications are always provided by a strong software and hardware environment, while the load of workstations is negligible. The technologies have been available for a long time which can increase the user experience and can make it interactive. Another advantage is that using these applications does not depend on the platform and location, meaning the service is available all over the world from all computers and tablets with internet connectivity. You can even use them on your smart phone, so you can manage your business anytime and anywhere.

Have you ever wondered what a good business application is?

  • serves for real needs and adjust to their changes
  • uses the most advanced technologies to maximize profit
  • creates long lasting value
  • flexible and user friendly
  • easy to maintain and
  • has low operating costs.

We think a good application = Service.

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For people who are interested in technology

If you are interested in the technology that we provide for your website or web application, read our description.

We are proud that we can create full-featured pages with which the user can manage the content and settings of the site. We are always innovative and we renew the old technologies to provide the most effective solutions for each project.

In our systems the starting points are speed, efficiency, apperance, and usablity. Our websites and systems are running on cloud of Amazon Web Services. Our systems are usually based on php and we store all the required data in the MySQL database that can be managed through the content management system (CMS).

Our preferred Content Management Systems (CMS) are the Joomla!, the WordPress, and the Drupal. Of these, Drupal is the most often used CMS by us. Not only because of flexibility, but also because of its expandablity and resource utilization, using of Drupal is justified when designing most websites.

In order to use the user interface efficiently, we use advanced user management in a content management system to solve the tasks of administrator as efficiently as possible.

Although our systems may contain many reused elements in different projects, it is important to us that there are no two same systems. We always build different systems individually, and we always build a custom website based on customer needs.